Welcome 2018! Welcome Sueños!

January 29, 2018

Happy New Year to everyone!


Those of you who have been following us over the years may have noticed something new... We changed out name! That's right, Camino a la Escuela is now a thing of the past and our organization in now called Sueños. 


All of you have asked "why?", and I know we were all getting fond of the old name. The reason is that our organization has gone through a lot of change in the past 2 years since we chose our name "Camino a la Escuela", and a whole lot since we started working with our students 4 years ago.


SUEÑOS is an acronym for Sembrando Unidos la Educación para los Niños which loosely translates to Sowing Together Education for the Children. We chose this name because we see ourselves as planting the seeds for education, and we know that we can't do it alone - we must work as a united force with moms, dads, grandparents, schools, teachers, and other organizations to support children in being successful. 


Sueños, meaning "dreams" in Spanish, encompasses the vision of our organization which is: 



to awaken the motivation, and supply the tools, for children to achieve their own goals and to develop an interest in improving themselves, their family, their community and their country.


We want our students to do more than just go to school, our dream is for them to dream, and to believe that they have what it takes to go after their dreams.  


This year there are a lot of changes going on at Sueños - more than just the name! We've decided to break up our main program that we've been running for the past two years by age groups, giving us 3 new programs:


  • Soñadores (Dreamers) - Ages 5-11

  • Sueños en Acción (Dreams in Action) - Ages 12-18

  • Pequeños Soñadores (Little Dreamers) - Ages -05


You can read all about these new programs on our website. In addition we have new supports that we've added, and some that we've from the past:


  • Nutrition & Health

  • Tutoring

  • Public School Support


As in the past, we will be providing a healthy snack in each class, while educating kids and parents about ways to stay healthy throughout their lives.

We've added two new components with the goal of helping kids succeed in their public education: tutoring and public school support. Each week a small group of students will work with a teacher to complete homework, study for tests, and review information from the schools where students are enrolled. Students will also be received limited help with school supplies this year. We're collecting donated school supplies now so if you live in Guatemala and are interested in donating materials please contact us


We believe strongly that our students cannot succeed if their parents don't support their education, and support them as people, for this reason we've  initiated the program:


  • Mujeres en Acción (Women in Action)


Mujeres en Acción consists of monthly workshops for mothers to help them become better informed about issues that affect their families like: education, health, emotional health, violence and laws that protect families, sexual education, and more. 


We continue to raise funding for 2018 - We're just a couple thousand dollars short of our goal now! Please donate if you get the chance and make sure we'll be able sustain these new and wonderful programs throughout the year. 


Thank you from all of us and our students for your continued support!




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