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Sueños provides extracurricular education to students of all ages and their parents through three student programs, as well as a three-pronged support system to ensure their success. 

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The "Dreamers" class is an interdisciplinary, after-school program for boys and girls of elementary school age (7-12). The curriculum is rooted in the Guatemalan National Base Curriculum, and integrates academic areas while building social and emotional skills. The year is divided into 4 modules: Getting to Know Myself, Getting to Know My Community, Getting to Know my Country, and Seeds for the Future. Classes are focused on topics that are culturally relevant and meaningful for students.


Pequeños Soñadores

"Little Dreamers"

The class "Little Dreamers" is a supplementary education class for preschool age children (ages 3-6). The class focuses on:

  • early literacy,

  • communication,

  • social skills,

  • and critical thinking skills, and prepares students for school. 


Adult Literacy Program

CONALFA is an existing program run by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education for teens and adults who have aged out of the education system but would still like to acquire their elementary education. The program is completed is three years:

  • Year 1 is the equivalent of first grade, students learn to read and write

  • Year 2 is equivalent to second and third grades

  • Year 3 is equivalent to fourth, fifth and sixth grades

Sueños is implementing all three levels for teens and parents in the community. 


"Little Stars"

Estrellitas is a daycare pilot program for children ages 18 months to 3 years old. Students receive:

  • Learning through play

  • Social interaction

  • Communication building

  • Balanced nutrition

Our Support system

At Sueños we believe that students need the support of their community to succeed. For this reason we have a three-pronged support system that 

1. guarantees that parents, particularly mothers, are able to take an active role in their child's education,

3. that students have the nutrition that they need to be successful, and

3. that public schools are supporting students in the best way.

Mujeres en Acción

"Women in Action" Parent Program

As part of our programs, all mothers are invited to participate in monthly workshops focused on women's empowerment. Many families experience machismo culture that limits the decision-making power of women within their own families and in all facets of life. This program encourages mothers to speak up about the life they want for themselves and their families. In addition to this program, Sueños conducts monthly meetings with families to make sure that students are being supported in the best way possible.

Nutrition & Health

A healthy meal and snack

In every class, students receive a complete, healthy meal, and a nutritious snack. For some students, this may be the only meal that they eat in a day. Throughout the year, students learn about and practice good nutrition habits. If this program interests you, consider becoming a Nutrition Sponsor!

Public School Support

Connecting to the educational community

The majority of primary school-aged children at Sueños attend public school. Sueños supports students by periodically connecting with their public school teachers and principals and providing extra support where students need it. Sueños provides notebooks and other school supplies to students based on their attendance. 


Our Story

Sueños started as a seed in 2014 when the founder, Katie Korsyn, began volunteering with the working families and children in the Central Park of Antigua Guatemala.

Two years later, Katie decided to found a formal organization, Camino a la Escuela, which at the time had the goal of working with preschool-aged children to provide the tools necessary for success in first grade, while ensuring that families were able to navigate the process of enrolling their small children in primary school.

Almost two years after the founding of Camino a la Escuela, the organization found that there were new needs in the community, and better ways to provide for students of all ages. In 2018, Camino a la Escuela changed its name to better reflect its work with a population of students ages 0-18, as well as their families. Sueños stands for Sembrando Unidos la Educación para los Niños (which roughly translate to Together Planting Education for the Children) to represent a change in the focus of the organization: to provide the tools and motivation necessary for students to choose their own path in life, and achieve their dreams.


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